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3 Simple SEO Tips for Bloggers

Writing for SEO is simple, but a blog post that scores well with the search engines should, first and foremost, be relevant to the needs of your target audience.

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3 Tips For a Better Business Blog

The effort it takes to create a blog for your business is minimal compared to the benefits of establishing this proven and effective channel for communicating with your target audience. And blogging gives you a powerful communication tool that provides you the opportunity to control the narrative about your business.

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Capture Leads Through Basic Usability

Focusing on the user’s experience can lead to longer visit times, a higher click-through rate, and more opportunities to capture leads (i.e. email addresses, visitor information). The design of a website should provide optimal usability giving the visitor simplicity in choice and a clear call to action.

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Landing Page and Email Campaign Design

Your email campaign will be most effective when it directs to a landing page which shares the same design. This makes the transition from one to the other seamless and helps to reinforce the brand in the customers mind. Using the company’s current logo and matching colors is the foundation from which to start, but there’s a few subtle tricks to utilize as well.

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