CoSchedule: The Editorial Calendar For WordPress

You know the importance of getting your business’ marketing message broadcast through blogging and social media, but managing content creation and scheduling can be a huge time suck. And while automation is all the rage, it’s “social” media we’re working with here. By its very definition, it requires some personal attention.

Luckily, there’s an solution that will guide you through the process and return metrics that will both encourage and inform you. An editorial calendar that’s also a teaching instrument. Perfect for the small business with limited personnel or the resources to train their staff in the fine art of content management.

CoSchedule is an online tool (and WordPress plugin) that integrates with productivity apps like Evernote, Google Docs, Google Analytics, and the major social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer, and Google+. You can also connect your bitly account to save space and mask links.

One stand out feature that makes CoSchedule so powerful is the ability to schedule social media posts at the same time as the original blog post is being published from within the WordPress post interface. Pulling in links and images is automatic and can be customized for individual platforms and instances of the post.

The online calendar dashboard also gives you the option to schedule a blog post and view your drafts, send a social media post, create a note or task, and create an event.

Sharing the interface with team members expands its usefulness by providing a central place for collaboration and work flow monitoring.

Another feature is the ability to see at a glance the performance of your blog posts. The app provides metrics on where they were shared and gives a running tally on the amount of posts sent and those to be sent. Knowing that a particular post resonated with your audience informs you on what you should write next and seeing the number of postings relative to the response gives you an idea about the level of frequency you should strive for.

Creating a compelling headline is one of the most important elements to getting your content shared. Click To Tweet

One of the coolest features which is built into the desktop calendar is the Headline Analyzer. This tool helps you to write emotional headlines that will increase the clickthroughs to your blog posts and expand your exposure. Learn more about it on the CoSchedule blog.

CoSchedule offers many different levels of service, from one-person operations to the enterprise level.

For the small business marketing department, CoSchedule does a great job of aggregating editorial tools, social media scheduling tools, content management tools, and team collaboration tools in to an easy to learn and attractive interface.

Watch this overview to learn more:

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