Bria Heiser - Real Estate Solutions

Bria Heiser – Real Estate Solutions

Project Description

Bria Heiser represents exclusive properties and wanted a website that showcased them appropriately. A clean, airy design eliminates unnecessary distractions for her customers. High-res pictures and focused text give them exactly what they expect from this high-end real estate broker.

Project Details

Client Bria Heiser-Real Estate Solutions
Date August, 2014
Skills Branding, Web Design

Bria Heiser-Desktop View

Elegant Desktop Display

Bria Heiser wanted a website that would make an impact on the highest of resolution displays. Crisp, sophisticated, and a pleasure to view.

Mobile Responsive

The look and feel continue across any device. The beauty of building on a responsive platform; reduced development costs and seamlessly maintaining the brand look.
Bria Heiser-Mobile Ready

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